Discovering The Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Eternal Commitment

Discovering The Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Eternal Commitment

The meaning of wedding rings

  A wedding ring is a physical expression showing the world they are in a lifelong partnership. Although there is no legal need to wear a wedding ring to get married, it symbolizes marriage.

  The circle indicates an ongoing cycle with no end in sight. So a wedding ring symbolizes never-ending love, love, eternity, and commitment to each other. It suggests that your love and marriage with your soulmate are intertwined and closely linked.

  The newlyweds will exchange rings and read their wedding vows during the wedding ceremony. The rings are worn by both parties to sign to the world that two people are married and lovers are finally married.

Why are most wedding rings worn on the left hand's ring finger?

  The culture of wedding rings we can trace back to the Egyptians centuries ago, a time when they loved jewelry made of organic materials as a symbol of love. The wedding ring was the beginning of marriage and the door to the future.

  Because there is a blood vessel leading to the heart on the left hand's ring finger, the couple's hearts can be closely connected to each other through this vessel and share the romance together. Therefore, they decided to wear their wedding ring on the left hand's ring finger. However, many countries do not carry on this tradition, such as Spain, Norway, Russia, and other countries, where their wedding rings are worn on the right hand.

  Of course! The choice often comes down to your personal or cultural preferences, and whether you stick with an old tradition or create a brand new one of your own is entirely up to you. You can leave traditional practices behind as long as you are happy. You can respect tradition and be yourself.


The difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring

  A traditional engagement ring usually has a central stone, either a single main stone or surrounded by other rocks. Engagement rings are usually used for proposals; if not, they should be early in the relationship.

  In contrast to engagement rings, most traditional wedding rings are plain metal or set with diamond stones. You will receive this symbol of love during your wedding ceremony when you take your vows, and you and your significant other will exchange rings and wear them.

Do I have to have both an engagement ring and a wedding band?

  It's up to you. If you're going for traditional customs, then yes, of course. You can have your ring set with gemstones or simple metal. Engagement rings and wedding bands will look meaningful and beautiful together.

  The bride-to-be will switch her engagement ring to her right hand on her wedding day to make it easier to exchange wedding rings during vows. After the wedding, the bride can move the engagement ring back to her left hand and wear it with her wedding band.

  You can also combine your engagement ring and wedding band into one round, an excellent option for those who prefer to wear only one circle instead of two. The two coils are combined and "stacked" to make the love stack and upgrade romantic memories.

  You can choose not to wear them, one, two, three, etc., as long as they are meaningful to your future life.


When is the best time to pick a wedding ring

It is recommended that couples pick and choose their wedding bands at least two months before the wedding so that your custom wedding bands will be produced and you have plenty of time to plan your wedding details based on the wedding bands.

How much does it cost to buy a wedding ring?

  According to research by wedding ring jewelers, the national average price of a wedding ring in the United States is $6,000, so you can decide on the cost of your wedding ring based on your budget and other factors.

  A "three month's salary" rule defines the price of a wedding ring that dates back to the Great Depression of the 1930s. As the diamond industry struggled to maintain normalcy due to the increasing financial burden on American citizens, De Beers launched a marketing campaign to increase the sales of diamond wedding rings. This was known as the "three-month salary" rule, which meant buyers should spend three months of their salary on their future spouse's wedding ring. Does the traditional "but one month's salary" rule apply today?

  If you're unsure how much a wedding ring will cost, you can refer to the "three months' salary" rule. But, according to research, most consumers do not follow this rule. You can usually tell the boutique staff your budget, and they will guide you from experience on how to get the best product within your budget. The fundamental rule you should follow is to shop within a realistic price range.

  Your wedding ring is something you will wear daily with your partner for life, so you must design it, but you must spend the money you can afford. New York jeweler Mimi So has said, "The price of a wedding ring is a personal decision, and I recommend spending the most comfortable amount of money you can without going into debt."

  So, if spending thousands of dollars on a wedding ring is expensive for you and beyond your means, then you can lower the price because it makes no sense to shop beyond your spending level. Remember, this is a symbol of your love for each other. It should be something that inspires you to be happy every day, not something that puts a financial burden on you. You can also upgrade your beloved wedding ring later on when you are more capable.

  In China, the hotter rings on the market are around 769$, which is most people's budget. Three factors affect a wedding ring's price: the ring's style, the ring's material, and the ring brand.

  1. Wedding ring style. Ring styles are mainly divided into two kinds of rings: plain metal rings and gemstone rings. Plain metal rings are relatively inexpensive, while diamond or gemstone wedding bands are a little more expensive. Many designers will add various elements to the ring, and the more complex the process, the higher the price of the ring will naturally be, but usually, the difference between a simple and complex process is no more than 1449$. A pair of the production process is relatively simple aperture plain metal ring, about 290$ can be bought; but if the surface needs to engrave a variety of complex texture of the ring, will cost more manpower, the price is naturally higher, about 769$; and people with diamonds or gemstones ring, generally more expensive, the more exquisite style, the more diamonds inlaid the more expensive.

  2. Wedding ring material. Standard materials are platinum, gold, and 18k gold. These three materials in platinum and gold prices are higher; the 18k gold price is only second to the first two, but before, the price difference was not more than 2000, which does not include the cost of inlaid diamonds or gemstones.

  3. The brand of the wedding ring. The impact of brand on the price of wedding rings is also relatively significant. Domestic custom brand rings can be started at around 3,000, while international brand rings are generally priced in the tens of thousands or higher.


What are the more popular wedding ring diamonds now?

Moissanite: Named after Dr. Henri Moissan, it is also called moissanite, magic star stone, and carbon silica. Its chemical composition is silicon carbide (SiC), and its chemical name is synthetic silicon carbide. Its appearance is very similar to that of a diamond. It is also a gemstone whose physical properties are closest to natural diamonds, so it is often used as an excellent substitute for diamonds. Moissanite diamonds differ from diamonds in nature, though, because the dispersion of moissanite is higher than that of diamonds. Hence, its fire is brighter and more brilliant than that of diamonds. The moissanite diamonds on the market today are synthetic, with mature technology and high production quantities, so the prices are not very high. So if you are not collecting gemstones but want to use them as a piece of jewelry and do not have a large budget, moissanite diamonds are a good choice.Cultivated diamonds: cultivated diamonds on the market after 2018 (Diamond Foundry and De Beers' Lightbox, for example) are a new generation of diamonds that are already entirely different from the manufactured diamonds and gemstones of decades ago.

Lab Grown DiamondThey are indistinguishable from natural diamonds in terms of molecular structure. It has the same chemical composition as a mined diamond. It looks almost identical to a graded and certified natural diamond. Cultivated diamonds' "quality" and purity are much higher than those of genuine diamonds. They are synthesized in a laboratory and are not naturally occurring, so the formation process is faster than for natural diamonds. The price of these stones is getting lower and lower because they have mature technology and can be mass-produced. Compared to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are much more cost-effective. Depending on the carat, color, clarity, and cut, lab-grown diamonds sold in China are about 30% to 70% cheaper than natural diamonds.


What should I pay attention to when choosing a wedding ring?

  Couples generally wear wedding rings, so when buying them, the effect on the hands of both boys and girls should be considered and chosen in compromise. The general aspects that need to be noted: are color, thickness, diamond setting or carving, and other design styles.

Color: This mainly depends on the different materials. White looks stylish and young, more youthful and lively, but does not necessarily look senior; gold looks more aristocratic and easy to look wealthy.

Thick and thin: too thin quickly look petty, too thick easily looks bulky.

Design style: Whether set with diamonds, placed with other stones or engraved, it will change the hand's effect. You can select diamonds or gemstones in various cuts, such as round cut, princess cut, emerald cut, heart cut, etc. You can also choose to set multiple colors of stones: white stones (including moissanite and sapphire), blue stones (including sapphire and aquamarine), peach-colored stones, lime green stones, etc. A wide variety of designs can also be engraved on the ring.

  There is a simple beauty in simplicity and an intricate beauty in complexity, but the main thing to consider is how you and your partner will look. Most girls are suitable for wearing various styles, making it easier to choose. Still, most guys will prefer a simple technique of wedding rings, which is better to match different dresses, so please make sure to consider the effect on the hands of the guy. A wedding ring can be a painstaking detail to reach coordination, but it does not mean it must be the same. If there is a big difference between the two hands, you can choose a ring with the same pattern, stones, shape, and color but with different details. This is entirely up to you, as it represents your unique love.

  You can choose the suitable ring metal based on your skin tone. Women are generally ideal for wearing a variety of metals as long as she likes. On the other hand, men have several metals to choose from, including platinum, tungsten, meteorite, tantalum, and various types of gold. Platinum and tungsten are durable precious metals, but the most classic choice is gold. Both tungsten and titanium are excellent wedding ring metal choices. Still, if you have sensitive skin, you should buy a titanium wedding ring because the nickel in tungsten rings can irritate your skin. Plus, titanium wedding bands are also resistant to corrosion.

  Also, your finger will change size depending on the temperature. Depending on the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, your finger may become more significant in the summer and smaller in the winter. You need to measure your finger at a relatively moderate body temperature rather than trying to measure at both extremes. A ring that is too large tends to detach from your finger, while a crew that is too small can squeeze your finger, make it swell, and make you feel uncomfortable.

How to protect the ring?

To avoid damage to the ring, such as: Damaging the diamond or gemstone set in the ring, or scratching the metal and Even damaging the environment.Please take off your beloved call in the following cases:

·When you take a shower or swim, prevent your ring from falling off into the drain or pool and being hard to find.

·When going to the gym or participating in other sports activities, prevent wear and tear on your rings or prevent blisters on your hands when you use sports equipment.

·It protects your fingers from swelling and prevents your loved ones from scratching them while sleeping.

·Especially when using chemicals, take off your ring. This way, you can prevent damage to the stones on your crew as they may react with the chemicals.

·Clean your beloved ring regularly, either by taking it to a jewelry store or by scrubbing it yourself at home with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a soft cotton cloth to ·prevent stains from wrapping around your ring and keep it sparkling.

·Since scratches and bumps are inevitable, please take your wedding ring to a professional jewelry counter every one to two years for an evaluation to check if it is deformed or worn and needs to be repaired.





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