Points to note for jewelry customization

Points to note for jewelry customization

About custom jewelry


  To most people, custom jewelry sounds like something that requires much brainstorming, many complicated processes and means, and a sense of intimidation that it has nothing to do with them.

  But the truth is, it's much easier than it sounds. It doesn't just an exceptional talent or much time spent reviewing information. All you need to do is tell us what design elements you like. We are experts in jewelry design, and you are experts in the items you want. The two experts work together to create a great piece. Most customers have never had the idea of designing jewelry before.

Many people think that custom jewelry is expensive, but it is not. It is understood that custom jewelry saves our customers a lot of money and gives them a better product experience. Many custom jewelry has the feature of good value for money.

What is the process of customizing a piece of jewelry, and how long does it take?

  When you make up your mind to design a piece of jewelry for yourself, it is with excitement and apprehension that you count the days until your work arrives. But custom jewelry is a delicate art and should not be rushed. the whole process is as below:

 1. Collect Jewelry Ideas and make a CAD Design 

First, start a draft, make a sketch, or give us any items, pictures, etc., that will inspire the design. The designers will begin to design the jewelry you have in mind based on your description. Of course, if you are clueless, you can start browsing through various custom jewelry on display for inspiration. the designer will keep communicating with you to help you figure out the various details and help you adjust the facts, weighing each of your options until the design matches your jewelry style. Then, The designer will generate a 3D image of your jewelry on the computer based on the sketches drawn, which can be rotated 360° to make it easier to see your piece from different angles.  It takes about 3~5 days for our jewelry designers to collect your design ideas or information and give you a perfect  CAD design picture.

The initial design process is often the longest part of jewelry customization. The more complex the design or, the more changes, the longer it takes, but that doesn't mean it's bad because everyone is very detail-oriented, and so are our designers

 2. Make a wax model/ wax tree 

 After confirming the CAD design, We will go into jewelry production. The jewelry factory will build a wax model from the drawing or a physical sample as the final look of your custom jewelry; if you are retailer or wholesaler,  Making a model will save some time for re-production, then casting wax in gold or silver metal. 

3. Assembly/ Grinding/Polishing

Rough jewelry material is cut and shaped into place by hand. Jewelry artisans take great care to ensure that each piece will be useful, beautiful, and a delight to wear throughout one's life.


 4. Stone Setting

the stone setting location must be sanded, polished and checked for rotten gold. Diamonds or other stones are fixed to the bracket in different settings: claw setting, Nail insertion, channel setting, card setting, bezel setting, Micro insert, and Circling setting.

5. Final polishing/ plating

Jewelry is polished in different ways depending on the product. It may be polished by hand with a polishing wheel, or it may be polished by machine with a motorized spinning disc. It once again depends on what quality of polish you want to achieve. then white gold and silver jewelry will be plated with Rhodium. Rhodium plating can optimize the color and whiteness of jewelry.

6. Quality Control

 Each piece of custom jewelry takes a different amount of time to complete, depending on the complexity of the design. normally it will take 2-4weeks. If you need to customize the main stone, it will take 3~5 days. and about 3~10 days for express shipping. (DHL, FedEx, EMS, and UPS are available). 

How can you get inspiration for jewelry design?

Earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, cufflinks, dentures, etc., can be customized in fancy or simple and generous styles. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, turquoise, Tansang stone, and other stones can be used. The following are inspiring directions for you to follow:

·Your jewelry is the equivalent of being your profile, your logo that expresses your style and taste perfectly.

·Customize a piece of jewelry according to your horoscope.

·Design a proposal ring for your soulmate that expresses deep love and uniquely tells your love story.

·A special design for a particular person, a unique jewelry design that is priceless and unique to both parties, a timeless theme.

·Customize a particular piece of jewelry with your family member's birthstone.

·Design a piece of jewelry based on your childhood fantasies to preserve the most innocent and beautiful child's heart.

·Design a jewelry piece that explicitly matches your outfit, hair length, or nail art. In addition, cufflinks can be customized as jewelry.

·If your wrist size is too large or too small, you can likewise choose to customize a bracelet to fit your size.

·Customize piece jewelry related to your career, either as a recognition gift for your company or as a graduation gift for a related profession.

·Customize a class ring to make every class member feel essential.

·You can update old jewelry you own or damaged antique jewelry, explain to us what your vision is and re-customize your new pieces.

·Turn an ancestral heirloom into a new piece of jewelry with special meaning, tell the story of your ancestral lineage, and bring back the antique jewelry.

·Make jewelry based on your favorite music, book, movie, or even a celebrity.

Why choose custom jewelry? What are the advantages of custom jewelry?

  The human imagination is limitless, and when a novel idea pops into your head, you can transform it with the help of jewelry into a real, unique piece of jewelry just for you, realizing your imagination. Because you have a hand in the design, this will make sense of accomplishment more exciting, where the feeling is very different from going directly to the store to buy a piece. Custom jewelry can create any amount you can dream up, no matter how complex the design is. So, let your creativity run wild!

  Consumers who choose custom jewelry value the connection between the jewelry and their self-worth or, more profound meaning, an extension of themselves. To participate in the design, to give imagination and good wishes to the jewelry. It is a unique presence in the world and a way to infuse all their hopes into the jewelry, giving it added value.

  You can redesign jewelry, and if your jewelry is not keeping up with the fashion trends, you can choose jewelry redesign. Jewelry redesign is not only limited to the stones you have now, but you can also add the latest stones you like, which means that jewelry can never go out of style. Jewelry fashion is like our clothes. It changes throughout the year, when the trend may soon be out of fashion. This is why custom jewelry can keep up with trends and keep you at the forefront of fashion.

How to clean and maintain your beloved jewelry?

 Jewelry is very absorbent and will absorb the oils from your skin. Dust and grease will adhere to your jewelry and make it lose its sparkle.

When you find your jewelry covered in dirt and grease, you can gently brush it clean with a soft toothbrush with a bit of gentle soap, then scrub it clean several times with a cotton paper towel until it glows again. 

Notes on cleaning by yourself:

·Do not use chlorine or cleaning products containing chlorine, and do not use toothbrushes that are too hard, as this can easily cause abrasion to the gemstone and scratch the metal, which can cause it to lose its luster.

·Cleaning ammonia products will clean diamonds and gold very well but may damage other stones. So do not soak your jewelry in ammonia-containing cleaners for extended periods; it will likely degrade the solder in the jewelry.

·The ultrasonic cleaning method can clean diamonds but can cause damage to other stones. Cleaning diamonds with ethanol have good results because it evaporates quickly. Please do not use oil cleaning products, as they can spot or dull the rocks.

·Finally, it would be best if you preferably washed in a bowl or small basin, as this will prevent the stones from falling out of sight while you are passing. If you are cleaning in a sink, ensure the sink strainer is dense enough or plug the drain to prevent the stones from accidentally falling and being difficult to retrieve.

·If you can't clean them yourself, or if the jewels fall off your jewelry. Please feel free to return them to a jewelry boutique for a thorough cleaning and evaluation so that a professional can clean them for you or make the relevant adjustments.

·We should take off the jewelry when we do certain activities in our daily life to prevent it from rubbing or touching during the activities and thus damaging it. For example, washing dishes, doing push-ups or using your hands.

·If you have accidentally damaged your jewelry, don't worry too much. You can contact a specialty jewelry store to help you repair your beloved jewelry to the maximum extent possible to make it beautiful and wearable again.


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