How to tell the difference between an engagement ring or a wedding ring

Engagement ring VS Wedding ring

  What should I do if I like someone? Most people want to spend the rest of their lives with him (her). A lyric, "the book always love to write to the happy evening, riding the bike and his conversation with her, the girl's white dress boy love to see her wear," a lot of bridges, a lot of romance want to do with their hearts, like very much like the person, because you like ta, that is, you want to fall in love with her. In this beautiful relationship will have many tokens so that you will give each other gifts. Still, now, there is a public token we are recognized, which is a small leather band. Many boys will wear their girlfriend's small leather band, which is a signal, an official public announcement of their girlfriend; the girl will generally wear her boyfriend's jersey, which is also A symbol of official general information of the owner of the flower.

  When you want to spend a lifetime caring to love this person, that is to receive a small book hand in hand with a license to get married; marriage is a significant event in life, something to aspire to. We look at the TV series to see the last beautiful ending is the leading man and the main woman to make things right, to enjoy the beauty of marriage. In married life, the point of writing a beautiful chapter, the focus comes, then an essential link in the marriage is what?

  Is the wedding ring? I want to tie the knot with her, will think of buying a wedding ring. We often hear the phrase, 'men can only customize a lifetime,' the wedding ring is a public announcement of the marriage covenant token significance. Still, many people need to learn more about the wedding ring. Only know to get married to buy a wedding ring, the following is a detailed introduction to the wedding ring.

Engagement rings&Wedding rings


  Engagement rings and wedding bands are more than just jewelry; they are physical manifestations of deep love and commitment. Because rings are such a profoundly traditional and vital symbol of marriage, it's only natural that soon-to-be-married couples will have questions about them. Are you thinking about proposing to the one you love? Or do you want to get engaged? Or you've just gotten engaged. No matter where you are on the road to happiness, you need to know the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring to better share the great news with your loved one, family, and friends!


  #What is an engagement ring?

  An engagement ring, also known as a proposal ring, symbolizes commitment when you propose or are proposed to before the wedding. A proposal is traditionally made by getting down on one knee and inviting your partner to spend the rest of your life with you while presenting an elaborate proposal ring that is prepared. Often, during or around the time of the proposal, the groom presents the bride with an engagement ring, a material sign of the couple's love for each other and their decision to put it into action. An engagement ring is a physical symbol of love and loyalty between two partners and a formal agreement.

    Engagement rings will be more ornate than wedding rings, and engagement rings will be relatively much more expensive. The most common engagement rings are usually created from a silver or gold band with one or more diamonds, a larger center stone, and smaller diamonds surrounding it in a halo design and other settings. Diamonds symbolize rock-solid love.

  Engagement rings were initially intended as a symbol of wealth. Still, as society has evolved, this tradition has been replaced by a new perception that younger couples are more likely to choose a different style of diamond, such as a variety of colored diamonds, rather than just a large center diamond. Many of today's engagement rings are set with a completely different center stone, such as rubies and sapphires, whose durability makes them a popular choice and which are only one grade of hardness lower than diamonds. Unique classical style rings and art deco designs are also popular. Tianyu Jewelry has a wide selection of center stones in various colors for you to choose from, handcrafted by expert artisans, very dazzling and radiant.#Tian Yu Jewelry#

  #History of engagement rings:

  Many believe that engagement rings are a relatively new tradition, a custom that was established in ancient Egyptian times, where the gift of an engagement ring signified eternal love, as the ring's circular shape had no end and was a symbol of eternity in its infinite cycle. The Romans are recorded to have practiced the same custom, but the Romans would give two engagement rings - one made of iron to be worn while doing chores around the house and the other made of gold to be worn in public. In Europe, the tradition of exchanging rings was reborn in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a ring set with diamonds in the shape of her initials. In the early 20th century, diamond engagement rings became a staple of Western culture. In the late 1930s and early 1940s, the practice of exchanging diamond engagement rings became popular, largely thanks to the famous DeBeers ad, and continues today as an essential custom in Western culture.

  #What is a wedding ring?

  Wedding rings are generally worn together by the couple tying the knot after the rings are exchanged on their wedding day, unlike engagement rings which are worn immediately as a gift when proposing. A wedding ring traditionally symbolizes a lifetime of love and fidelity. An engagement ring can be designed or purchased by the other party and then given to the other party as a surprise, but a wedding ring is designed and chosen together as your wedding band. If the engagement ring is successfully accepted at the time of the proposal, the groom-to-be and bride-to-be can begin planning what wedding band they will need to choose afterward. The bride-to-be will wear the engagement ring until the end of the wedding. On the wedding day, the bride will wear the engagement ring on her left ring finger or her right hand. After the vows are said, the bride and groom exchange rings and wear them on their left ring fingers. After the wedding, the bride can wear the engagement ring with the band or the band alone.

  Wedding bands are relatively simple in design, and usually, there is a considerable difference in price between engagement rings and wedding bands. Wedding bands can be set with a row of diamonds, such as an eternity ring, or a classic metal ring set in white, yellow, rose, or white gold. Even if a wedding band is set with diamonds or other gemstones, its total carat weight is usually lighter than that of an engagement ring.

  #History of wedding rings:

  Wedding rings symbolize marriage, a history that goes back to Egyptian culture, where people began exchanging rings made of reeds in ancient Egypt. And modern wedding rings are exchanged between couples during their wedding ceremony. The exchange of wedding rings is a symbol of eternal love. During the Renaissance, wedding rings became poetic and carried love's meaning. Lovers would exchange rings with inscribed verses promising to love each other forever. This practice shows a clear shift from a contractual obligation to exchange wealth and property to a deficit of love and companionship.

Wedding ring wearing knowledge:

  ·In the tradition passed down through history, the wedding ring should be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, the ring finger. This tradition dates back to the ancient Roman period. In ancient Roman culture, it was believed that a vein connected to the heart on the ring finger of the left hand meant that wearing a ring on this finger would keep it as close to your heart as possible, known as the "vein of love." Romantic, right? This tradition is most prevalent in Western countries but varies from person to person. You can follow your heart and wear it on the finger of your choice. For example, in Denmark and Ukraine, wedding rings are worn on the right hand because they consider the left hand to be a dangerous place for a call.

  ·Many women wear an engagement ring and a wedding band on the same finger. Traditionally, when you wear both rounds, you should wear your wedding band on the bottom and your engagement ring on the top, as this symbolizes that your wonderful marriage is closest to your heart.

  ·While tradition dictates the order in which rings are worn, people are free to think otherwise, and other ways of wearing them are becoming increasingly common. For example, some people will wear their engagement ring on the bottom and their wedding ring on the top in the order in which they received it. This way of wearing the wedding ring implies that it guarantees the commitment that the engagement ring represents.

  ·A welded wedding band is an excellent option for those who prefer to wear only one ring instead of two. As the name implies, a welded wedding band is about fusing a wedding band and an engagement ring into one unified ring. This ring retains its unique appearance but is welded together and cannot be separated.

Top 3 guidelines for selecting a wedding ring:

  1.Do not just follow the fad:

  If you struggle to choose a wedding ring, you must first listen to your heart and not follow the trend blindly. You should follow your heart because there is no standard for choosing a wedding ring. The only thing that matters is that the two people who are about to pledge their lives to each other like it and are happy. You can never go wrong by choosing what you like and what suits you, whether it's your wedding ring or your other half. Talk to your partner first. After all, a wedding ring symbolizes the love between two people, so it's more important that both of you like it than a popular and famous ring.

  2.Do not be kidnapped by the so-called 4C standard:

  4C is the four basic standards of diamond quality, including Clarity (Clarity), Color (Color), Cut (Cut), and Carat (Carat) these four elements. However, this is the international standard for judging the good or bad of diamonds, but do not be kidnapped by this rating mechanism. After all, the more expensive diamonds do not represent the more loyal feelings (more essential to meet the needs of both sides) but also measure their financial ability and various conditions to jointly choose the most suitable for the marriage of the ring.

  3.It is important to fit into each other's budgets:

  Although it is said that every girl would like to have an oversized diamond ring, the size of the diamond should not be taken as a standard for two people's love. Don't hurt your feelings for the sake of picking a wedding ring, and it is imperative to fit into each other's budget. Suppose a wedding ring from a well-known brand is more than your budget. In that case, you can also find a trusted gemstone supplier and artisan so that the professionals can create a unique pair of wedding rings for you without being too extravagant.

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