3D Hard Gold vs 5D Hard Gold vs 5G Gold vs Antique Gold

What is 3D hard gold?

3D hard gold, a three-dimensional form of pure gold with a gold content of 99.9%, introduces a specialized manufacturing process that deviates from traditional methods. It utilizes the electroforming technique, which involves the use of an electroforming liquid with adjustments in various factors such as gold content, pH value, working temperature, organic light agent content, and stirring speed. These adjustments significantly enhance the hardness and wear resistance of gold, effectively addressing the limitations of conventional electroforming processes used in gold jewelry production.

The traditional pure gold jewelry is known for its low hardness, susceptibility to wear, and difficulty in maintaining detailed patterns. In contrast, 3D hard gold boasts a remarkable hardness rating of 97, making it highly resistant to wear and capable of maintaining intricate patterns over time.

Features of 3D hard gold:

A. Lighter weight 

Using advanced hollow nanoelectric casting technology, 3D hard gold achieves a remarkable reduction in weight compared to regular kilogram gold. In fact, the weight of the same volume-sized jewelry is only 30% of its ordinary counterpart. This makes it significantly lighter and more affordable. As a result, jewelry that appears to have the same volume is now available at a much lower price. Additionally, the lightweight and comfortable design of 3D hard gold make it incredibly convenient to wear.

B. Greater Hardness

The hardness of 3D hard gold is four times greater than that of traditional gold, resulting in exceptional wear resistance. Despite its delicate and lightweight nature, 3D hard gold offers remarkable durability. It surpasses the limitations of the soft texture commonly associated with gold accessories. Compared to traditional gold, it is highly resistant to wear, scratches, and deformation. Additionally, its three-dimensional structure is stronger and easier to maintain over time. When worn, 3D hard gold provides both comfort and long-lasting beauty.

C. Enhanced Buildability

3D hard gold jewelry utilizes wax modeling techniques that allow for intricate carving and the creation of reverse molds. This enables the gold to exhibit a highly three-dimensional appearance with a surface that is exceptionally smooth and flawless. Furthermore, the enhanced hardness of 3D hard gold opens up new possibilities in design and manufacturing. It enables the production of meticulous and exquisite gold styles that were previously unattainable. Through the milligram method employed in 3D hard gold production, the craftsmanship becomes more detailed, resulting in jewelry pieces that are not only precise but also possess a heightened artistic appeal.

What is 5D hard gold?

5D hard gold represents an advancement over 3D hard gold, specifically in the field of electroforming. With this upgrade, the electroforming solution is enhanced to achieve even greater hardness and lightweight properties compared to traditional hard gold electroforming. An important improvement is the elimination of cyanide, making it an environmentally friendly electroforming process. The potion used in 5D hard gold undergoes adjustments to result in lighter products with larger hollow areas and thinner thicknesses after electrolysis. These enhancements contribute to the overall quality and versatility of 5D hard gold in jewelry manufacturing.

Features of 5D hard gold:

A.Environmental Protection

The upgraded electroplating solution used in the process of electroforming does not contain cyanide, earning it the designation of being environmentally friendly. As a result, it is often referred to as environmentally friendly electroforming. This modification ensures that the electroforming process aligns with sustainable and eco-friendly practices, reducing potential harm to the environment.

B. lighter and harder than 3D hard gold

The same size product is one-third lighter than 3D hard gold. Cost-effective, light and generous. High hardness, resistant to wear and tear, not easy to scratch, toughness two-way adjustment, not easy to deformation.

C. Brighter color and luster

5D hard gold than 3D hard gold color more bright, because of the hardness of the upgrade, you can use the traditional 18K gold will use the polishing process, without worrying about product deformation, penetration and scrap.

What is 5G Gold?

5G gold means five good gold, It is an innovation of a new gold process, which has higher hardness and ductility while ensuring the color standard of full gold, and can break the limitation of the traditional gold process to achieve a variety of shape design and more fashionable. The 5G gold process is a combination of two production technologies, traditional gold and K-gold, which overturns the traditional gold process. The whole process contains more than 20 procedures, and in order to make the gold material molecularly stable, it is processed without open flame during the whole process.

   Grace: High toughness and ductility, not limited by traditional gold materials, can create elegant and fashionable shapes.

   Glorious: Made from pure gold material, the jewelry showcases the natural brilliance of 24K gold, ensuring long-lasting shine and resistance to fading. Its stunning appearance is truly captivating.

   Gentle: With a purity of 99.9% or higher, the full gold content offers exceptional value.

   Genius: Fine craftsmanship, innovative technology, and inherent advantages in the process contribute to the strong artistic appeal and diverse style selection.

   Gusty: High hardness, not easy to deform, and more lightweight, with ordinary gold 2 times harder

Features of 5G gold:

A.5G gold is tough and not easy to break

5G gold exhibits excellent toughness, making it highly resistant to breakage. Unlike 3D gold, which can be fragile and prone to breakage due to the characteristics of the electroforming process, 5G gold offers a solution to this issue. This eliminates the challenges faced during customer interactions and ensures a seamless sales experience. Additionally, 5G gold does not suffer from any noise-related problems, further enhancing its appeal.

B.Light weight, high hardness

5G gold reaches the hardness of 22K gold, but only the weight of 18K style, can solve from the source of ordinary gold to do too thin easy to deformation, do too thick grammage too heavy more difficult to sell the problem, to ensure the sales profit of retail stores, greatly control the savings of the opening cost.

C.Advanced technology and fashionable style

the application of K-gold style technology and design basis ensure that the style of goods can meet the needs of the current young market.

D.Never Fade

The product is made using pure gold, not electric gold, the original color is gold yellow, never fade.

It overcomes the shortcomings of 3D and 5D gold, which are "hard but brittle", and has the good ductility of K gold, while retaining the color of pure gold, and can make K gold technology and style, with the characteristics of "the more you throw it, the brighter and harder it gets".

What is Antique Gold?

Antique gold refers to gold items or jewelry that have an aged or vintage appearance. It can be achieved through various methods such as surface treatments, patinas, or deliberate wear and tear to give the gold piece an antiquated or rustic look. Antique gold jewelry often carries a sense of historical charm and can be highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts.

Features of Antique Gold:

1. Exquisite craftsmanship: Antique gold crafts include filigree, burin, openwork, inlay, gold repair, etc., which have richer layers and more elaborate ornaments than gold jewelry. It is time-consuming, requires professional hand tools and skilled techniques, and many designs have elements of Chinese traditional culture, many of which have been included in Chinese intangible cultural heritage.

2. Unique texture: general gold jewelry "shiny tycoon love" temperament, antique gold overall presents a unique matte texture, and the texture is flat and uniform, antique appearance, the atmosphere is elegant, and the Oriental female temperament is particularly consistent.

3. Handmade: Antique gold has become a trend, each product is carefully concocted by artisans who are deeply dyed with court feelings, purely handmade, complex and pure, simple and warm, in addition to the value of gold itself, the craftsmanship and "craftsmanship" behind it is its essence.

4. The ancient method of gold with dense materials, complex technology interface and welding joints compared to other processes less, special handcrafted technology is not easy to appear scratches are also very resistant to dirt. The frosting process is the most representative, which can present a "flashy but not dazzling, expensive but not obvious" matte effect, giving people a "full weight" feeling when wearing it.

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